About Pinnie

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Looking at my personal photographs takes me down memory lane to the precise moment of my history depicted.  I don’t see the single moment shown in the image, but am transported to the time before, during and after the shutter was pressed.  I cherish all of life’s moments, but photographs allow me to capture the extraordinary in the everyday.  It is this experience that I seek to reproduce for my clients.

Photographs evoke senses and tap into the emotional landscape of memories.  My approach to photography is presence in the moment.  I explore and embrace the world I am documenting.  I search for, uncover and express those stories that are collectively ours and uniquely yours. The fragments that make up life as a whole are perfectly imperfect stories that I adore and delight in sharing.

I believe that everyone has stories that deserve to be documented and kept close to the heart or shared with loved ones.  Let me capture your story.